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DBO Turns Up Internet Access Service for Norwalk Police Department

The Norwalk Police Department has upgraded Internet Access (IA) using Digital BackOffice managed Internet Gateway services (DBO Internet Gateway).

Norwalk Police Department Deputy Chief Ashley Gonzalez, spearheaded efforts to improve internet access for the police department after numerous reports of unreliable and slow internet service. “After replacing the previous cable internet service with DBO, the response time to access vital law enforcement databases has improved significantly at PD headquarters as well as mobile access from patrol cars”, said Deputy Chief Gonzalez.

DBO has managed the City of Norwalk metropolitan area fiber optic network (MAN) since 2005 under a contract which was renewed in 2016. The Norwalk MAN connects 34 municipal and school buildings at network speeds up to 10 gigabits per second.  “The MAN ring topology is highly redundant with multiple paths for data flow and alternate routing rules to maintain service due to the loss of any one site”,            said Karen Del Vecchio, Director of Information Technology for the City of Norwalk. “The DBO team and management are trusted partners who maintain the network infrastructure day to day and provide guidance, security and direction as new technologies, devices and applications are added to the network”, said Karen.

The DBO Internet Gateway includes perimeter security using Palo Alto Next Generation firewalls that provide the Norwalk technology department with the tools to identify and manage cyber threats and cyber-attacks.  Palo Alto identifies unknown malware, analyzes it based on hundreds of malicious behaviors and then automatically creates and delivers protection.

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