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Infrastructure Designed to Work…All the Time

Business | E-Rate Partner | Education K-12 | Public Sector

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction every day, every customer!

We believe that it is important to understand your business needs, education objective or constituency in order to reach our goal. We believe that it’s important to take a proactive approach to technology infrastructure with managed services like NetWatch, Managed Optical Ethernet, Endpoint security.  Consumer device driven IT decisions often overlook the “Total Cost of Ownership” required to support a diverse and growing inventory of personal devices, network attached printers, smart phones, and IOT! Digital BackOffice network services can help us reach our collective goal of 100% satisfaction.


Is your business struggling with IT staffing turnover, local power outages, out dated server hardware, malware or virus attacks?

E-Rate Partner

DBO Managed Optical Ethernet network and DBO Hosted Exchange email services are eligible for USF priority one “e-rate discounts.

Education K-12

School IT departments are generally understaffed and underfunded and have one of the highest device to support staff ratios of all industry groups.

Public & Gov. Sector

The DBO team has extensive experience working with public sector agencies.

Looking for Managed Security Services?  Email sales@digitalbackoffice.com