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Some Assembly Required

With the Christmas season behind us and the frustration of assembling gifts left under the tree still fresh in mind,…

IT is Confusing, But When IT Doesn’t Work, It’s Clear to Management

IT infrastructure is baffling to most of us, but we know when it doesn’t work! Loss of access to the…

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The sign in the restaurant bathroom reminds all employees to “wash your hands before handling food[more]

Who does a school board or town council hold responsible for cyber hacking or suspicious activity wh[more]

Law enforcement statistics tell us that professional burglars case an area or neighborhood prior to [more]

Who Owns the Problem?

When infrequent power outages occur, the usual response is to check the street lights, contact your [more]

The Norwalk Police Department has upgraded Internet Access (IA) using Digital BackOffice managed Int[more]

August 29, 2016 The Town of Seymour and Seymour Public Schools have completed a transition to a host[more]

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