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iboss Network Security Products Now Available from Digital BackOffice

Digital BackOffice will resell iboss network security products and provide installation and configuration support.  iboss Network Security offers a suite of comprehensive, integrated solutions designed to meet the complex challenges of today’s new threat landscape and the borderless network. iboss security solutions include the Web Security Suite and additional modules for Advanced Threat & Data Protection and Mobile Security. iboss technology offers multiple layers of protection not found in standard Web security solutions. Here are some details about iboss key differentiators:

Port Visibility: iboss offers inbound/outbound visibility across all 131,070 TCP and UDP ports on the network, plus the ability to stop streaming UPD data transfers mid-stream in order to block suspicious traffic. Many legacy solutions were built to only scan the basic Web Ports (80 and 443), creating a major blind spot.

URL Filter and SSL Protection: iboss filters HTTP/S without the need to decrypt SSL at the gateway. We offer selective SSL decryption that enables you to turn decryption on/off by domain (www.facebook.com) or by subnet (local network but not wireless). Most solutions that boast SSL scanning, decrypt all SSL traffic at the gateway, leaving organizations open to man-in-the-middle attacks and major performance issues.  iboss selective decryption closes those security holes.

Application Management: iboss offers granular content-ware application management in two parts:

  • Application Firewall: Defends against port evasive programs, chat, online gaming, Filesharing, FTP, RDP, etc.
  • Social Media/ Web 2.0: Granular social controls across Facebook (block posting, games, etc), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google (25 specific controls, block Google drive by group), and more.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management: Shape traffic by web category, domain, IP, port, OU, subnet, and more. Binds with directory services for granular throttling. Live bandwidth dashboard shows each identified service graphed in real time.

Advanced Threat and Data Protection (Additional cost): Gateway protection against data loss and advanced malware with Behavioral DLP and Sandboxing.

  • APT (advanced persistent threat) defense and mitigation: 60+ different threat categories(botnet, DDoS, Spyware, 57 more); zero-day updated cloud database by three best-of-breed signature and heuristic databases.
  • Behavioral DLP: Outbound data protection with intelligent profile building, data-anomaly detecting, threshold solution. Will detect threats that don’t have a signatures by analyzing how data moves on your network (anomaly detection).
  • Threat Geomapping: Find risk hotspots with packet level detail tracking violations, threat and bandwidth GeoMapping, data loss, intrusion, and bandwidth consumption
  • Sandboxing: (Additional Cost) Detects, isolates and analyzes suspicious files

Directory Integration: Binds with all Directory’s (Active Directory, eDirectory, Open Directory, etc.)

Mobile Security with proprietary MDM: iboss MobileEther MDM provides all the key benefits of traditional MDM but expands security to encompass HTTP/S web filtering. Since customers don’t have to integrate with 3rd party mobile security, the results are much more effective.

Granular BYOD Management: Directory integration, Bandwidth throttling and QoS, High risk user quarantine.

Desktop Recording: Monitor, control and Record desktops (Catch users in the act).

Threat and Event Reporter: Real-time, drill-down access with single pane of glass reporting across the entire network. Indexed in real time for immediate access. iboss offers the most user friendly reporting interface and interactive wizards as well as proprietary features including live threat and bandwidth dashboards, threat geomapping and more.

For additional information about iboss products or a product quote contact sales@digitalbackoffice.com or call Dale Bruckhart at 203-874-5545 Ext. 118




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