Stratford Public Schools Pleased with Low Maintenance Broadview Telephones

Stratford Public Schools completed the installation of the Broadview Networks telephones in 2015. “The traditional Centrex land-line telephones in the district were replaced by Digital BackOffice and Broadview OfficeSuite®”, said Ed Molloy, the school district’s Director of Technology, “and we are very satisfied with the telephones after 16 months of service.   The Stratford Public School district encompasses fourteen (14) buildings, over 7,000 students, 1,000 employees and approximately 900 telephones.”

Broadview phones plug into the buildings data network infrastructure but OfficeSuite® resides offsite in a private cloud connected to the Ct Education Network. All district employees now have phones that support caller ID, voicemail, auto attendant, voice mail notification via email and many other features not previously available.

“Broadview VOIP has reduced our administrative overhead to virtually zero” said Mr. Molloy, “and non-technical personnel can program the phones, add/delete users and administer every aspect of our voice communications. The telephone system almost runs itself.”

Through a joint initiative between DBO and Broadview, OfficeSuite VOIP services are connected on the private CEN fiber optic network without incurring additional circuit costs typically associated with cloud based VOIP. “By leveraging the school districts existing CEN connection, VoIP traffic is transported from phone to cloud with very low latency and Quality of Service (QoS) support for voice calls,” said Ron Rich, Managing Partner of Digital BackOffice. “Leveraging the custom DBO interface to CEN saves schools thousands of dollars annually by eliminating redundant circuit costs, onsite communications hardware, licensing fees and maintenance.”

Established in 2000 as part of the CT Nutmeg Network, the Connecticut Education Network (CEN) removes common barriers to technology by providing Open Access to a secure and reliable network, high speed transport and value added services for members. “Sharing applications and services like OfficeSuite® will provide an opportunity for CEN and Nutmeg Network members to reduce costs, streamline business processes and create additional collaborative opportunities between schools and municipalities” said Mr. Rich.

“We upgraded from 20 year-old telephone equipment with minimal up-front cost to the district,” said Mr. Molloy. “More importantly, the DBO/Broadview VOIP solution is a major improvement to the school district infrastructure for the benefit and safety of our students and employees.

OfficeSuite® is a registered trademark of Broadview Networks.

For Broadview OfficeSuite/CEN Prices Contact sales@ digitalbackoffice.com or call 203-874-5545 Ext. 118

More additional information visit: www.digitalbackoffice.com


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