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VOIP, DBO and CEN, A Winning Combination

Cloud based VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems continue to gain market share over premise based IP voice services because of ease of use, lower maintenance/overhead costs and four nines reliability .  Often VOIP vendors recommend a private line to the Internet to ensure voice quality with QOS (quality of service) and measurable service levels.  While a private line does improve voice quality, the cost can add significant recurring expenses to a cloud based VOIP service.

Connecticut schools and towns now have another option . Digital BackOffice (DBO), using the Connecticut Education Network (CEN), offers a private line to the cloud based voice switch, OfficeSuite®, at minimal cost!  Leveraging CEN’s network that provides dedicated bandwidth and very low latency (delays) makes for ideal conditions for high quality voice conversations.   DBO utilizes CEN’s high speed Statewide MPLS Backbone to create dedicated cross connect circuits from the end customer to DBO’s datacenters.  Unlike premise based systems, cloud based VOIP will continue to function in the event of a local outage, e.g., loss of power.  OfficeSuite® is currently supported on over 2,000 telephone sets within the state of Connecticut, by DBO via CEN, and growing rapidly.   Even DBO clients at off-net sites (not connected to CEN) with only a few telephone sets may be integrated into OfficeSuite®, simply and inexpensively across public Internet connections.

Westbrook Public Schools recently replaced its communication system with equipment from Digital BackOffice and Broadview OfficeSuite® telephone sets at the High School and Middle School.  “The transition was completed in a timely manner with no interruption to the classrooms, the operation of the schools or communication between students, parents and teachers” said Lesley Wysocki, Business Manager at Westbrook Public Schools.  “The Digital BackOffice and Broadview team were responsive and helpful while moving the district telephones to a hosted VOIP service on the school districts data network infrastructure and CEN.  We are extremely pleased with OfficeSuite VOIP.  The Elementary school sets will be replaced over the holiday break and we anticipate the same seamless transition.”

For additional information about OfficeSuite® cloud based VOIP or to schedule a demonstration contact Dale Bruckhart, at 203-874-5545 Ext. 118 or by email at daleb@digitalbackoffice.com


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