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Infrastructure for Peace of Mind!

At Digital BackOffice, service level agreements (SLA) are essential to guaranteeing the performance of our infrastructure and providing a baseline for measuring customer satisfaction with DBO cloud and data centers managed IT services. We believe that every service in the IT delivery chain should have a responsible party either internally or outsourced.

DBO NetWatch IT services provide insight and control over critical network components located at or between customer-owned sites, check vital signs and alert designated users to problems or outages. Managing transport services ensures connectivity between the end user and the application; captures and reports on bandwidth utilization and headroom and ensures process controls are in place for restoring service when an outage occurs.

The DBO Internet gateway SLA is 99.99%, ensuring co-located servers, SAAS and platform infrastructure is accessible from and to the public internet with less than one hour of unscheduled downtime during the service period. DBO recommends high availability HP servers and storage for server co-locations and designs SAAS and platform services with HP Products.


Demands for mobility, data storage, Internet security or consumer grade devices have outgrown many traditional enterprise IT organizations, along with IT budgets and human resources.


The Digital BackOffice data centers are designed to eliminate single points of failure, provide customers with expansion options, and satisfy customer needs beyond the highest expectation.

Fiber Optic &

Digital BackOffice will design, manage and maintain the fiber network and provide data center IT services on a single agreement, easy to understand invoice, and a single point of contact for all cloud related services.


Digital BackOffice project managers and engineers have successfully delivered hundreds of network projects on time and on budget, including our company owned data center facility!


Wi-Fi has become the primary method of internet access for an increasing number of users with diverse devices (BOYD).