NetWatch: Network Infrastructure

Information Technology infrastructure is increasingly complex and minor problems can result in network downtime or extended outages. Network components such as routers, access servers, switches, firewalls, access points or computer servers may be monitored by DBO’s Netwatch service or included in the DBO Vis-à-vis bundled services. Event alarms and reports sent by network device agents can quickly alert technicians at the DBO Network Operations Center, who assess and classify the information to determine the severity of the problem, minimize downtime and restore services. DBO Netwatch monitors network infrastructure, 24 X 7 and notifies designated contacts within 30 minutes of service interruptions or alarm conditions. DBO Level 2 Netwatch service also maintains equipment configuration files in order to restore service due to equipment failure and replacement (Netwatch is available for Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, HP and Microsoft network OS).

Inquire about other brands. In 20 years, Digital BackOffice has never missed its 4 hour service level guarantee for Netwatch Level 3 or managed service equipment replacement!

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