Who Owns the Problem?

When infrequent power outages occur, the usual response is to check the street lights, contact your neighbor, or make a visual inspection of the power line on the street. Unless the outage originates inside your home or office, the next call is to the electric utility that owns the problem. Ownership of network or internet […]

Stratford Public Schools Pleased with Low Maintenance Broadview Telephones

Stratford Public Schools completed the installation of the Broadview Networks telephones in 2015. “The traditional Centrex land-line telephones in the district were replaced by Digital BackOffice and Broadview OfficeSuite®”, said Ed Molloy, the school district’s Director of Technology, “and we are very satisfied with the telephones after 16 months of service.   The Stratford Public School […]

Transforming Public Infrastructure? The Private Sector Can Help

A deluge of web based consumer applications like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Amazon and other industry disrupting technologies raise the question, how and when will technology transform our public institutions? Connecticut schools, town halls, public libraries, public higher education institutions and civic organizations have used computers and electronic databases for years but institutional transformation has lagged […]