Why Run an SLR?

Do you really know what’s on your network?

Most companies lack full visibility into activity and devices on
their networks, leaving them in the dark about security risks. A Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) provides
a customized security assessment of the applications, internet of things (IoT) devices, vulnerabilities,
threats, and risks in your environment. Once you know where the biggest risks are, you can determine
where to focus, develop an action plan, and improve your security posture.

Benefits of an SLR
• Complete visibility: See how adversaries are
trying to breach your defenses, all applications
in use, and all devices on your network.
• Quantified risk: Confidently make data-driven
decisions, prioritize, and take the right policy or
technology actions based on what you learn.
• Time saved: A single report summarizes key
risks and recommendations so your security
teams can focus on the top priorities.

Why Run an SLR?

To effectively manage network security and have a robust intrusion prevention system (IPS), you need deep visibility into your organization’s environment. All threats should be regularly assessed to have their relative risk assigned. Then, you can effectively manage priorities and resources to address these risks, develop the strongest security posture, and prevent business interruptions and attacks.
An SLR is a quick and easy way to view applications, threats, and vulnerabilities on your network. The report provides details on software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other applications, URL traffic, content types, IoT devices, and known and unknown threats traversing your network, along with recommendations on the highest risks and priority areas to focus on.

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